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About CSGO

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About CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) develops the group based first individual shooter interactivity the first Counter-Strike spearheaded when it propelled in 1999. Two groups contend in numerous rounds of target based game modes with the objective of winning enough adjusts to dominate the game.

CS:GO includes new maps, characters, and weapons and conveys refreshed adaptations of the great Counter-Strike maps like Dust, Inferno, Nuke, Train, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. What's more, CS:GO presents new game modes like Arms Race, Flying Scoutsman and Wingman, and highlights web based matchmaking and Competitive Skill Groups.

Game Modes


This is the exemplary game mode that set Counter-Strike up for life. Two groups of five contend in a best-of-30 match utilizing standard serious Counter-Strike rules.

Players must buy defensive layer, weapons, defuse or salvage units, and deal with their in-game economy to amplify their opportunity of accomplishment. The main group to win 16 adjusts in either Bomb Defusal or Hostage Rescue match modes dominates the match.

Serious offers exceptional Skill Groups players can procure and show, starting with Silver 1 and advancing up to The Global Elite. Join a match all alone or structure a group and line for a match together!


Line without anyone else or get a companion in this 2v2 best-of-16 game mode on single bomb site maps. Players acquire a Skill Group elite to Wingman and play utilizing the Competitive Bomb Defusal ruleset. Purchase weapons, covering, and defuse units with an end goal to plant the bomb or protect the bomb site!


Prepared to play some Counter-Strike however would prefer not to focus on an entire 30 round match? Locate a Casual match and play at your own pace in this drop-in, drop-out game mode.

In Casual mode players naturally get defensive layer and defusal units, play with a streamlined economy, and group harm has been killed. Join a game and start acing CS:GO's basics!


This quick paced Casual game mode permits moment respawns and empowers fast commitment. In the wake of generating, players have a restricted measure of time to purchase weapons of their decision and connect with the foe.

Slaughters with various weapons are worth diverse point sums, and all through the match players will be given extra focuses for accomplishing murders with chosen weapons. Respawn quickly and return to the battle!

Weapons contest

Weapons contest is a firearm movement mode including moment respawning intended for fast lacking elbow room battle.

Players increase new weapons following enlisting an execute as they work their way through every weapon in the game. Get an execute with the last weapon, the brilliant blade, and win the match!


In Demolition players alternate assaulting and guarding a solitary bombsite in a progression of maps intended for quick paced ongoing interaction.

Players are consequently allowed a beginning weapon and advance through an arrangement of guns when they register a murder. The more executes you win the further you'll progress towards more grounded weapons which give your group a favorable position, as amazing expert sharpshooter rifles!

Flying Scoutsman

This Casual 8v8 game mode highlights decreased gravity, doesn't punish players for shooting while at the same time moving, and just permits two weapons – SSG 08 expert marksman rifles and blades. Take to the skies and kill your foes; the primary group to 9 rounds wins!


In 1999 Counter-Strike was discharged as a mod for Half-Life. As the game advanced from a beta to a full discharge, it refined the exemplary interactivity that has come to characterize serious shooters and delivered a committed network that has followed the game since its first discharge.

Through every one of its cycles – 1.6, Source, and Global Offensive – Counter-Strike has been the accepted benchmark of a player's first individual shooter expertise. Groups from around the globe exhibit their capacities and techniques in nearby, provincial, and universal competitions gushed to a large number of watchers over the globe.

For all things CS:GO follow our official online networking channels on Twitter and Instagram.
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