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The place where FREE CS:GO SKINS are no longer a dream!

    More and more people want to play CS:GO using skins, and this should not surprise anyone. Skins allow you to demonstrate your personality, make your opponents afraid of you, and the whole game becomes more interesting when you use them, but getting a decent inventory has always been a difficult task. Skins are quite expensive, most people don't have enough money to buy the skins they really want, but even if they did, do they really want to invest hundreds of dollars in a game?
    Fortunately, here on, we offer you the possibility of earning FREE CS:GO SKINS only by completing offers and surveys from our trusted partners!


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Get the coolest skins on CS: GO in THREE EASY STEPS!
Sign in, earn coins and withdraw your favorite skins!

Step 1. Sign in through Steam

To start your adventure on our website, all you have to do is to log in using your Steam account. Also, after you have logged in using your Steam account, you can get your first coins using an affiliate code in the Affiliates section. You will be able to withdraw these coins immediately after completing your first offer on the site.

Step 2. Earn coins by completing offers

To start earning coins, you must complete offers from one of our partners(offerwalls) listed in the Earn Coins section. Depending on the offerwall you select, you will be able to choose to complete various tasks, such as: completing surveys, watching videos, playing mobile games, downloading mobile applications, completing quizzes, viewing a slideshow and much more. The reward for each offer is different, depending on how difficult and time consuming it is, but most of the offers are entertaining and you will enjoy completing them.

Step 3. Withdraw your favorite skins in your CS:GO inventory

After you earned coins by completing offers, you can try to multiply them by playing different games from our Games section, or you can withdraw them immediately. Just set your trade URL in My Account section, choose your favorite skins and press the Withdraw button! You will receive a trade offer with the chosen items in less than 24 hours!

Why would you choose us?

    At Gatherskins, our main concern is to provide a unique experience to our users. We are constantly trying to improve the website by answering all the questions and suggestions that our users have, adding new systems, promotions and more and more ways to earn coins, all of which are designed for the benefit of our users. By doing so, we have managed to build a friendly, dedicated and united user community, in which everyone is welcome. Using gatherskins is completely free, you will be able to get CS:GO skins without depositing absolutely anything from your inventory and you will make new friends, all this spending a pleasant time. So why don't you join us?